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New Years Fun?!

January 1, 2011 1 comment

Last night, like most people I went to a New Year’s Eve party, it was a small crowd but fun nonetheless.  That was until I heard the host talking about this drink/abomination that he had in his frigde.  Next thing I know I’m handing an enormous bright red can with all kinds of writings and warning labels on it.  I saw the name “Four Loko” on the side and thought it sounded familiar but couldn’t remember why. 

I took a sip and was like “oh, fruit punch……wtf?”.  After the fruit punch/kool-aid taste I was hit with a wicked cough syrup aftertaste.  I drank some more though because it was New Year’s and I didn’t have to drive.  I was about halfway through the can/thermos and noticed that I wasn’t really tasting that nasty after aftertaste from earlier.  The guy who gave it to me came back over and was like “hey man what do you think?”, I said it was alright, had a weird aftertaste and was ridicously carbonated.  He tells me then that drinking the can is like drinking 6 beers and 4 cups of coffee or something.  That’s when I remembered why the name was familiar, they just banned it in a bunch of states because it was sending people to the hospital.

I obviously finished the can, realized I wasn’t tasting the aftertaste anymore because my tongue was most likely numb.  It seems to make sense when you drink over 20oz’s of something that’s been referred to as “cocaine in a can” and I believe “blackout in a can”.  I can  see why some people might end up in the hospital, it has a ton of alcohol but makes sure to include a ton of caffeine to keep you awake when you should probably be passing out.  In the end, I ended up making a New Years resolution to start doing P90X again.  I’m not sure if it counts since I was buzzed and had a lot more energy than normal.  We’ll see if I actually start or not, but not until Monday because resolutions do not take effect until the work week starts!  

Hope everyone had a great and safe New Year!