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No NFL 2011 Free Agency?!?!

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Peter King stated this in his MMQB Article (scroll down to the part about Nnamdi Asomugha if you don’t want to read it all).  Now he states almost immediately that he doesn’t think it will happen, but it could and that sucks.  I, as a Dolphins fan, have had nothing to look forward to since week 17 ended and even that wasn’t a cause for great excitement.  So around this time I usually start looking forward to the draft and free agency where hopefully my beloved Fins will find a QB and some speed. 

One, if not the biggest FA would be the previously mentioned Nnamdi.  I don’t know that my Dolphins would go after him since they have more glaring holes but I think at least every other team in the NFL would give it a shot.  Instead, if there is no CBA, Nnamdi and every other free agent would go back to their teams until 2012 (which would be pointless since the world will end in 2012).  I’m

On top of that, think of how much it would suck for any college player that goes undrafted.  If free agents can’t sign then neither can undrafted players.  That means guys like LeGarrett Blount and Brandon Banks may not get a shot to try out for teams.  There are plenty of other guys too, lots of undrafted players find their ways onto teams, but now there is a possiblity that those players would not get their shot, at least this year.  

Worst of all, it would mean that it would be really hard for the Dolphins to improve dramatically.  Some rookies will come in and make an immediate impact which can help turn a team around, but the chances that every guy you draft comes in and makes an impact from day 1 are slim.  That’s why teams need/want free agents, veterans to fill some holes while the youngers guys are still learning how to play in the NFL.

In the end, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to this or even worse a lockout.  I would hope the two sides could come to some type of agreement and soon.  I have no idea what needs to happen to get the agreement, but the people doing this are not stupid people.  I don’t know if it’s greed or what, and if it is, they’re business men/women, they should be able to figure out making a ridiculous amount of money is better than making no money at all.  Which is exactly what would happen if there is no football. 

In other words, get this shit figured out and do it soon because Miami needs some free agents!

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